In 1922 teachers were not necessarily formally trained. The Headmaster was referred to as "trained and certificated" and the assistant mistress as "uncertificated". Student teachers are frequently recorded as undertaking duties. A pupil teacher from Helmingham also worked at the school. Supply teachers were also available.

Instances are recorded where the school was closed to allow teachers to attend lectures or refresher courses .

It is interesting to note that on marriage it was not an automatic right to continue teaching. In 1934 Miss Beckett (later Mrs Murrell) requested to stay on after her marriage. The Managers' Log Book records that "The Chairman of the LEA had been approached, and the position ... was that teachers were allowed to remain ... on a yearly contract ... reviewed by the LEA and if single teachers were available then the married teachers were asked to resign."

Teachers did not necessarily live locally and often travelled some distance to the school. One lived in Grundisburgh, cycled to school every Monday, lodged with Mrs Reynolds in Cobbolds Row and cycled back on Friday. Another cycled daily from Framlingham.