The health and physical well being were well catered for by visits from the doctor, dentist and nurses.

Children were regularly excluded from school for being "verminous". One interviewee recalled "two girls who looked like boys because their heads had been shaved". Epidemics could lead to closure and fumigation of the school.

In 1925 nurses checked pupils for tonsils and adenoids operations, and in 1928 reminders were sent to parents of children who had not been vaccinated.

Eye tests were carried out and children assessed for "mental deficiency".

Several epidemics such as measles and scarlet fever are recorded. During one outbreak the children were given "some purpley stuff (gentian violet?) for gargling. Everyone had to walk to the top of the meadow and gargle and spit it out".

All members of the group vividly recalled the use of red carbolic soap saying "you could smell it a mile away"!