William Goodwin of Street Farm, Earl Soham.

Diaries dated from 1785-1810. Vol. 3.. HD 365/3.

Transcribed by Mrs. J. Rothery of Earl Soham, August 2001

The following Miscellany of Occurrences Persons and Curiosities was began in the Year 1785 by Wm. Goodwin of Earl Soham Surgeon and is intended as an Universal repository and Chronology.

Extract for 1802

June 1802 Thanksgiving For peace 350 poor were fed at Soham with cold beef and hot plumb puddings, each man had 2 pints, women 1 Do. Children ½ pint of strong beer - 15 stone of beef, and a sack of flower was suff’t. Total cost 19£ by subscription. 23 Gent’m din’d merrily -

Expended in the year ending Jan’y 5th not less than 63,026,507£ 6.11¾ ster’g of this sum, not less than 28.105.392£ 16.9¼ arose out of the permanent taxes.

France Acquired by the last war 1260 square Ger. Miles or about one 9th of the whole German Empire containing nearly 4 Mill’ns of inhabitants about a 7th of her people - The Produce is cattle, grain, wine, gold, silver, copper, tin, quicksilver, iron, marble, coals, salt etc - and gains the rivers Schelt, Maese, Moselle, and Saar, the Mineral waters of Aix le Chapelle, Spa, and Chanfontaine and the important manufactorys of linen, lace cloth and leather.

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Aug. 1802 Ipswich Lamb Fair contain’d about 80-000 Lambs wh. sold from 27 a head to 12. The pol’d breeds ye favourites.

General Election - Norwich.

Fellowes had 1536 votes

Smith………… 1439

Against the old Members

Windham……. 1356

And Frere….. 1328

Total 5659

1802 Twenty millions sterling have been sent from England to purchase Corn, in ye last 10 years.

The Rev’d Rich’d Bampfield of Devonshire sold 15 Couples of Harriers for 600 Guineas and four 16 stone Hunters for 900 Guineas

30 Dogs and 4 Horses for 1500 G’s.

Major Warrington’s 10 Hunters and Hacks fetch’d 1600 G.s