Mr W. W. Jenkin was appointed headmaster in 1922. One interviewee described him as "very nice ... very understanding ... sometimes he'd lose his calm, but it wasn't very often". Another recalled him being "an exceptionally good Headmaster ... he instilled a lot of discipline into you ... you didn't answer him back.". To this a third former pupil added "You didn't go back for more."

These remarks would appear to be borne out by the entries in the Punishment Book. Between 1922 and 1930 the cane was administered sixty-nine times, a yearly average of 8.6%. Seventeen children received the cane once and fourteen children were responsible for the rest of the beatings as follows; 1 had eight beatings, 1 x six beatings, 2 x five beatings, 2 x 4 beatings, 4 x three beatings and 4 x 2 beatings, giving a combined total of 69. Fourteen of the children had only six surnames, showing that there was a small hardcore of children who were constant troublemakers in a school with over one hundred pupils. There was only one recorded instance when the Managers applied to the LEA for permission to expel a child and the outcome is not recorded.

Mr C. Dosser was headmaster for twelve years from 1932-1944 and during that time forty-two beatings are recorded, an average of 3.5% per year. Analysis of the beatings is as follows: 1 x 4 beatings, 3 x 3 beatings, 8.x 2 beatings, 17 x 1 beatings. A child receiving the cane had to "go in front of the class, hold your hand out and receive so many strokes of the cane. The Headmaster was most annoyed if you pulled your hand away - you got an extra one for that". Other members of staff are recorded as using a ruler across the knuckles, a ruler poked in the shoulder, boxed ears and one woodwork master "would throw anything at you". It was generally agreed that there was no bullying, disagreements being sorted out by the teaching staff.