EO Snapshot for North East Suffolk and Mid Suffolk



Halesworth Officers have been attending numerous reports of traffic collisions recently, with five incidents between 8 am & 11 am on the 26th of November alone.

The cause has (in all cases) been the condition of the road surface and drivers not aware of how slippery it is.

It’s something of a ‘perfect storm’ situation with mud deposited from agricultural vehicles, damp conditions with overcast weather meaning there’s not enough sun to dry the roads and no rain to clean the surface. With no rain forecast, these driving conditions will remain.

Roads are so slippery, they are similar to when covered in ice. Please be mindful of the dangers of our roads at the moment and drive to the conditions. Allow more time for your journey and, if you use winter tyres, now is the time to fit them.

The winter season for Suffolk Highways lasts from 1st October to 30th April. Keep up to date with what’s happening during winter on the roads on their Twitter page https://twitter.com/Suff_highways

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Pc Simon Green - Engagement Officer

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